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Implementation and Monitoring Process


SDC employs systematic methods of program monitoring and evaluation that provides management and main stakeholders with early indications of progress, or lack thereof, for decision-making purposes. The aim is to determine the relevance and fulfillment of program objectives, development, efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability. Similarly, our corporate governance structure combines controls, policies and guidelines that drive the organization toward its objectives while also satisfying stakeholders' needs.

Internal Process



Monitoring , Outcomes, Impact


Mission & Vision

Corporate Principles

Sustainable Community

Internal Business Process


1. Structured Process:

We operate in a well-defined structured process to ensure uniformity and standardization in all our decision making.  Our structured management process allows us to maintain collaboration and knowledge sharing across the board and improve our organization’s operating efficiency to achieve better business practices. Internally we promote a flexible structure and operate based on four key elements:



















2. Good Governance:

We uphold the fundamental premise of our duty as good stewards of the public trust, ensuring the resources of our organizations are well protected and used efficiently to accomplish the missions for which our organizations exist. We are also charged with making certain our management practices ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization.


3. Business Optimization:

We take a critical look at our organization’s operations and minimizing the resources required to get things done and find innovative alternatives and continuous improvement culture at the enterprise level


4. Forward-looking:

We appropriately anticipate risks, uncertainty and optionality.


5. Scaling Up Model:

We anticipate expanding and implementation our programs at new sites or expanding the capacity of existing sites to serve a larger number of participants. Our primary goal of scaling up is to spread the positive impact of our interventions in other underserved communities.






External Frameworks


1. Inclusive and Endogenous Method:

We ensure that all marginalized and excluded groups are stakeholders in our program development processes. The aim of our inclusive and endogenous approach is to empower and enable local communities to take control of their own development process. Our premise holds that investment in human capital, innovation, and knowledge are significant contributors to economic growth.


2. Integrated Delivery of Services:

We use our resources to meet our set goals, and better serve the public by establishing close working relationships with other organizations and agencies with related purposes.


3. Sustainable and Innovation-Driven:

We develop carefully orchestrated and fact-based blueprints and carry projects from the idea stage through to project launch and beyond. In developing our strategies, we consider enduring cycles and trends while ensuring our plans are resilient and adaptive in times of turbulence.


4. Impact Investing and Capital Aggregation:

We serve as a catalyst for mobilizing and leveraging the financial resources needed, especially private capital, and directing those funds into our organization’s sustainable ventures with the goal to deliver productive investments and measurable social outcomes.


5. Community Capitals Framework:

We utilize formal and informal systems of norms, institutions and organizations that promote trust and cooperation within communities to accelerate the accumulation of well-being, sustainable community development, and overall prosperity


6. Social Networks and Community Engagement:

We build social networks that facilitate access, exchange, co-operation, innovation and resources

 • Flat Form Organizational Structure:

We follow a participatory management style where staff is involved in the decision-making process. Our corporation operate with no middle managers or supervisors minimizing overhead expenses.


• Agile Working:

Staff are empowered to choose how they work in order to meet the goals set for them to the standard required.


• Dynamic Alignment:

We adjust our strategies to work more efficient and improve our functioning in an effort to provide optimal service.


• Effective Team Building:

We capitalize on the strength of our diverse and talented team. Each team player is committed to one another and knowledge sharing is necessary to achieve the common goal.


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