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Leading a Pioneering Development Enterprise

With over 150 years of accumulative experience, we have a fundamental understanding of the contemporary needs and challenges of our target communities and populations and as such promises to help them lead a better lifestyle in a more effective and efficient way.

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SDC employs systematic methods of program monitoring and evaluation that provides management and main stakeholders with early indications of progress, or lack thereof, for decision-making purposes. The aim is to determine the relevance and fulfillment of program objectives, development, efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability...


Business Process

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Internal Process



Monitoring , Outcomes, Impact


Mission & Vision

Corporate Principles

Sustainable Community


Programs and  Services

I. Affordable Housing and Real Estate

    Development Program

II. Community-Based Education &


SPES Development Corporation’ Community Economic and Neighborhood (SCENE) Program focuses on strengthening the civic competency, assist individuals and families attain financial freedom, improve the local economy by promoting small enterprise development, amplify affordable housing opportunities, and achieving prosperity and sustainable communities. The five major program categories are the following:

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III. Small Enterprise Development and

       Exchange Center Programs

IV. Artistry and Creative Enterprise Program

V. Sustainable Agriculture – Food Program


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